Neil Trodden aka the “Glide Guru” began his design and innovation journey in 2014 by analysing the impact of apparel layers on rotational swing speeds in cold weather rotational sports such as Baseball & Golf. 

In cold weather conditions, traditional apparel layers restrict the body when twisting through fast arm rotations. The layers actually twist into each other  thus preventing the athlete from attain their natural summer time zero friction arm speeds.

His inspiration came from reading an article about how Tiger Woods just accepted “that’s the way it is” referencing the difficulties he experiences when playing in the cold. Neil thought there must be a design solution to this and has realised zero friction multilayer wear in his glide swingchronization®️ apparel jackets. 

Every layer bearing the brand trademark of the eagle winged silverback EAGOR®️is designed to glide with and over each other, removing binding and creating an effortless silky glide with the athletes arm rotations.

As the glide concept developed from the light bulb moment to the physical Bomber jacket that realise the sport’s performance innovations Neil acquired two trademarks EAGOR®️Swingchronization®️ and his online name the “Glide Guru”